Travel Around Europe With These 10 Rom Coms

Take a tour of Europe, with a little dash of romance.

To quote a contestant on The Bachelor (probably): “Europe is an amazing place to find love.” I’m not sure which contestant said it (all of them?), but, you know what? Europe is an amazing place to find love–take these romantic comedies, for example. One of the major ways to travel at the moment is through movies, and these romantic comedies, set in various locations around Europe, are sure to fill you with wanderlust. Plus, they’ll give you a feel-good experience filled with humor, romance, and very attractive celebrities. And who doesn’t need a little bit of that lately, hm?

I Road Tripped Across Europe: Countries Had One Scary Thing in Common

A 17-day road trip through central Europe and the Adriatic region highlighted pandemic-era disparities from country to country.

If not for the vending-machine face masks and ubiquitous pump bottles of sanitizer, you might think that even northern Italy had returned to normal. In desperate need of a sunny, salty escape, my partner and I had opted to drive through the E.U. rather than fly south. Using our Dutch residence permits in lieu of American passports, we took a less social vacation than we otherwise would have taken—no guided tours or shared facilities here—and drove freely from our adopted hometown of Maastricht to western Germany and down through Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, then back through Italy and the Swiss Alps. Almost everywhere we went, one thing was consistent: people flouted COVID-19 regulations.

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