Are You a Citiot? Do You Avoid Doing These Things When Visiting the Country?

Planning a country getaway? Here’s how to prevent yourself from being on the receiving end of this popular slight.

We rural, Hudson Valley dwellers get it: City folk have been cooped up in their diminutive apartments and doormat-sized backyards for months and are excited for a moment of respite in the country. So you pack your rental car and drive up for a visit, only to promptly hear the locals whispering about “citiots.” But they mean the person behind you, in front of you, the next table over, right? Right? If you’re one of the many city visitors who come to the country in the summer—to take advantage of our wide-open landscapes and newly reopened hiking trails, unspoiled lakes and riverfronts, organic farms, restaurants, and outdoor performance venues—but behave like you’re still in the middle of a densely packed city, you’ll probably be saddled with that unfortunate moniker. Here’s how not to be a citiot.

5 Things You Need to Know About Londons Restaurants, Cafes, and Pubs in a Post-Lockdown World

The anticipation of when hungry Londoners will be able to enjoy a restaurant meal again has finally arrived.

Now that London’s restaurants are back in action, diners are eager to catch up with friends and family safely over a meal and pint, soak up the city’s sunshine, and enjoy the variety of London’s eating options. But with safety a priority, where will they choose first?

Guess How Expensive These 8 Wedding Venues Are (Hint: It’s a Lot)

Love can be very pricey, apparently.

Weddings in films and books aim to be aspirational, featuring princess-like gowns, floral “fences,” and opulent venues outside of most couple’s budgets. A peek at bridal magazines or quick scroll through wedding-planning websites reveals just that. It’s luxe, luxe, luxe all the time. As the adage goes, if you have to ask how much it costs, then—oops—you can’t afford it. From a fine-arts museum in Boston to a private island in the Bahamas owned by a celeb, here’s where to book The Big Day if money is of no concern.

15 Unbelievable Natural Wonders in Norway

When it comes to stunning natural wonders, Norway’s mountains and fjords just scratch the surface.

Regardless of which region you visit, Norway has lots of scenic surprises in store, from glaciers and ancient rock formations to waterfalls and wildlife. The following 15 hikes take in several of the country’s best natural wonders, including some with truly photo-worthy views.

I’m an Extreme Germophobe. Here Are 10 Tricks I’ve Always Used When Traveling

The mantra: practice good hygiene and avoid unnecessary physical contact.

Awkwardly dilly-dallying outside a shop until someone offers to get the door for me. Standing by a crosswalk silently willing the pedestrian next to me to hit the button. These have long been regular habits of mine—even years before the coronavirus pandemic hit. As an extreme germaphobe, I look for ways to minimize physical contact with people and things in everyday life situations, and the pandemic has significantly heightened my awareness of my actions. These quirky habits have spilled into all parts of my life including travel, and over the years, I’ve developed a collection of tricks that have helped me reduce my exposure to germs and harmful bacteria, which have allowed me to stay healthy and safe when I’m on the road. Here are 10 tips I’ve used for a long time that everyone should be using right now.

Fodors Small Business Faves: 10 Local Places We’re Obsessed With

Check out some of our editors’ favorite local businesses at the moment!

Shopping local has become more important than ever, with family-owned and small businesses being hit harder than most by the pandemic. While we usually use this column to talk about the things that brought us joy this past month, we wanted to use that platform to instead to draw attention to the small-businesses we love and have been frequenting in our own neighborhoods. From coast to coast, these are the local restaurants, roasteries, bars, and shops we think your dollar would be well-spent at.

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